About us

Turtur is a small vivacious bird, a member of the dove family that is native to Sub-Saharan Africa.

Tur Tur tourism is us – committed to tourism. Travellers, lovers of the Earth and nature enthusiasts, ascetics, if necessary, who are keen to listen and help. But above all, we are souls constantly searching and learning, always and everywhere. During years of remarkable journeys, holidays and trips we have kept filling our hearts and making you happy time and again. We are aware that every person’s soul is an immense vastness rich in memories. And we would all like those memories to be as nice as possible.

Now we are finally here – just because of you!
In our offer you will always find something for yourself: family holidays, business travel, spiritual pilgrimage tours or simply short trips to recharge your batteries. Come fly with us, let us show you the wide world or just the pearls of Slovenia. Let us surprise you every time with new destinations, traditional legends, urban culture and the lives of indigenous populations. Because every human is a world of their own, thinking, acting and feeling as an individual, we understand that offers should be tailored to your wishes. Give us a call or drop by for a coffee. Share your wishes, expectations, fears… Together we will devise the itinerary that suits you best.

Our moto is: Let the doves carry you peacefully towards new adventures.